This short animation was comissioned by Tokyo based digital production company Hakubishin Productions. The brief was straight forward, create a robot animation around a short musical segment without restrictions on design or artistic input.

Extensive work was undertaken to create a Manga / Anime feel to the overall look and cut. The entire film consists of over 30 individual scenes which were rendered in Cinema 4D 4K. Each scene was then put into After Effects to motion track the areas which would contain the custom designed HUD displays. Finally the composites were edited in Davinci Resolve to create the soft focus/blur feel for the overall look of the content.

Work involved in this project:

  • Concept and Layout design
  • Cinema 4D 3D environment and subject matter
  • Create clean futuristic After Effects HUD layout overlays
  • After Effects Motion track and insert overlays
  • Render in full 4K and edit to fit music
  • Deliver in client format requirements

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